Our Processes:
How we work with you

These are the processes we make to give you the best results.

1. Pick your crew.

Reaching the height of success will take a crew and we offer the design and development team you need for the website of your dreams.

Gear up

Signing up opens the door to a curated team of specialists that fit your design and processing needs. 

The moment you send us your request, our experts will be lining up to match your needs. We have specialists that can provide the services you’re looking for whether it’s for aesthetics, design functionality, or marketability, we have the team just for you. 

The crew to beat.

We have a myriad of options for you to choose from in the team that will row your vision to life. Each project is assigned one designer, one front-end developer, one back-end developer, one project manager, and one supervisor to bring the website to your designed destination. 

This solid team will work together to transform your vision into reality. The designers create the look that your clients will forever remember, while the developers code the functionality of your website to make business as efficient as it can be possible. 

Project Manager

As soon as you give the green light, the Project Manager will be there by your side throughout the design process. They will be at your beck and call to discuss the details of your envisioned website, bridge your ideas to the rest of the team, and ensure that communication remains open. 

They will handle the administrative aspect of the project, keep the team in line, respond to your concerns, and update you on all the progress. This leaves you the sole job of being the creative visionary for the team. 

Quality Control Analyst

Our team aims for efficiency and functionality incorporated into aesthetic designs. This is why our Quality Control Analyst is always there to make sure your website functions accordingly. 

After creating your website, our analysts take control to polish everything from the movement of each page to checking if every click works. While the team gives you great, the Quality Control gives you excellence.

2. The Masterplan

Set the course

Once you provide us with the project brief, we will be sending you a questionnaire where you will put into detail what the website needs to be. Our Project Managers will be there to assist you in finding your target market, organize the files into order, and make sure that nothing is amiss as the project begins. 

Captain and crew

As the team starts to work on your website, you will be able to monitor the progress closely through our client portal. There, you will be able to communicate with the team to discuss your thoughts on the ongoing design and provide additional inputs when necessary.

Set sail

Any changes in the design will immediately be taken care of by the team so that you can start to enjoy your brand-new website. Bring your clients in and sail to your success.

3. Huddle up!

Having an open line with you is our utmost priority. That is why we have the Client Portal that will serve as your direct line to our teams. 

Forget the long e-mails and multiple phone calls a day, the Client Portal is your personal space to discuss the project with the designers and developers. When you’re not in the client portal, the Project Manager will make sure you are updated through e-mail on the checklist and deadlines. 

All a’board

Not only do we offer our teams to work on your website, but our designers and developers are also ready to join your in-house team to deliver your needs directly. Two teams working together will sure get us to the goal faster. 

4. Full Sail Ahead

Fast remote

Our designers may take 2 business-day rounds for each request or revision as we work tirelessly for you wherever you are around the globe. Rest assured that you will get updates on your requests daily. Asking the Project Manager for an estimated time of completion will define your expectations.

Complexity takes time

Our team is ready to make your visions come true so whatever design you can think of such as logos, illustrations, multiple webpages, and others. The more complex the request, the longer it takes. Our designers only want the best for you and making the best takes time. 

Your happiness is our goal

We only stop working on your website once you are delighted and satisfied. So don’t be shy to give us your feedback and thoughts during the process. It would be appreciated to be clear and detailed in your brief so that we can capture what would genuinely make you happy. 

Human touch

Our designers and developers are all humans that can communicate and banter with you as the project progresses. Don’t hesitate to request changes or even seek their advice on how your website would truly fit your business needs. Talking to them would also give you an accurate estimate of how long your request will take. 

Show and Tell

We want to get to know you better to build a website that fits you like a glove.
So, talk to us and show us what you envision so we can create it for you. 

To be effective teammates, we will need you to: 

Show us examples

There are a lot of ways to design a vision but we need to see the vision with your gaze. Showing us examples of how your design, illustration, or function may look like will help us deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Tell us your thoughts

Don’t be scared to tell our designers whether you liked their work or not. It is through honest feedback that we can work together to fit your goal. Remember, our designers and developers can’t read your mind, but you can always tell us what you think. 

6. What we can do for you

Website Design and Development

We design strategy-based, performance-ready, responsive, and search engine-friendly websites that fit the needs of your business. Our designs capture the engagement of the audience by providing a great and consistent experience without the loading time.

Website Support and Maintenance

Worry not about the cybersecurity of your websites as we offer protection against malicious attacks, hacking, and malware that may taint your brand’s reputation and breach your data. We also configure your website to be monitored 24/7 so you can have access to data that measures the performance of the site. 

White Label for Agencies

Customize the website your business needs and let our teams do the heavy lifting. We guarantee a flexible process with affordable rates and a dedicated manager to see your website through completion.

People are talking about us

Hear our clients rave about us. We loved working with these amazing people and they showed the love right back to us.

We won’t let you down… Or drown.

We’d love to know more about you and your business. Tell us how we can help you today!

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