We are simply like no other

Waysama is derived from the Cebuano term “Way-sa-ma” which means unlike any other.

“Unlike any other” does not claim we’re the best of the best. We chose this to identify ourselves that we approach business challenges with innovation. Always keeping an eye to make things better.

We are successful in our mission whenever an interaction with our partners results in them saying: “Wow, they are unlike any other I’ve worked with before.”

What makes us different

Organized and Consistent

We have adopted business practices and project management methodologies from the best companies in order to deliver consistent value.

Happy Team Members

We prioritize creating a safe space where our team can grow and hone their talent/skills and enable them to build the lives they want. We believe that happy employees make happy customers.

Long-term Partners

With the fast-changing web landscape, we can guarantee to be here as your partner providing up-to-date advice, support, and growth strategies. We’ll keep an eye on the trends and make sure your business can catch up.

Our Core Values

Waysama #Cares. What you can expect from us.


We cultivate relationships with our clients and team members by making sure they feel seen, heard, and valued.


We are committed to providing a positive impact by always owning what we do.


We strive to be there for our clients and our team through thick and thin.


We aim to become unparalleled by trying new ways and improving every day.


Our worth is determined by how much we are able to give value to our clients and our team.

Meet your website crew

We’re ready to set sail with you on your biggest voyage

Joey Salazar

Managing Director

Erika Salazar

Marketing Specialist

Reggie Aquino

Project Manager

Sept Joshua

Creative Director

Duane Banate

Graphic Designer

Nicole Aragon

HR Specialist

Edward Banate

Web Designer

John Cleece

Web Designer

Orient Ulgasan

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Daniel Hubahib

Web Developer

Nitish Sharma

Web Developer

We won’t let you down… Or drown.

We’d love to know more about you and your business. Tell us how we can help you today!

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